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On the following pages a project about the infantry assault badge of the German Wehrmacht is created. Among other things, the discerning collector of variants should be ensured an insight into the diversity of this badge and preserve the new collector from dangerous, expensive copies.   I would like to point out that a completeness of information is unfortunately not guaranteed, but I always strive to constantly fill this page with new information.        

Any questions? You would like to participate in this page? You own badges / certificates / „Soldbuch“ / photos / etc. and want to sell them?   Then write me an email to              


Last update: 10.06.2019  

  • At the moment i add every Day some variants, so i didnt update this Storyboard actually…
  • The site was completely renewed and translated into english. As English is not my native language, I ask you to inform me immediately about translation errors.
  • Many thanks to the auction house „ratisbon’s“ for the use of their pictures
  • At the moment there are still some variants, data and pictures missing, but I try to add them relatively soon.            

Since new variants still appear today, it is of course very difficult to give exact names to the many variants. I have decided to classify them according to my discretion „temporally“. This may of course happen that a variant that was previously declared as „Variant 1.3“, tomorrow is the „Variant 1.4“


I am currently interested in buying the following items:    

  • – 93
  • – LM
  • – M.K.6 „Bronce“
  • – all cut-out variants (Meybauer, GWL, Petz and Lorenz)
  • – Deschler design (iron)          

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