Unknown manufacturer

The so-called “4-Rivet” got its name from the extraordinary needle system. This was fastened with four compressed rivets. The engraver, who made the embossing mold, forgot the “grain” on the barrel and gave the eagle a very idiosyncratic representation of the eagle head. Although it has a unique design, but so far, there is no clear evidence of which manufacturing company has made it.

The assumption goes in the direction of “Biedermann & Co, Oberkassel bei Bonn”, because as Frank Heukemes describes in his great work “Das Sturmabzeichen (gen.)” ISBN: 978-0-9823146-0-9, [… Unworn, posthumously awarded Sturmabzeichen of the type 1.27.3 found and together with the fragment of a packing bag […], this clearly can be assigned to the manufacturer “Biedermann & Co.”.However, the variant 1.27.3 is not the Variant with the rivets, so that you can not even say exactly whether Variant 1.27.1 and 1.27.3 were made by the same manufacturer.

This badge is copied very often. The copies can usually recognized by the too large rivets of the bayonet. In addition, the original has a very distinctive embossing error, which can also occur on good copies.


On the left you can see the big rivets of the copy. The right one shows the original.

The stamping error