So far, this manufacturer is unfortunately not occupied and it is only assumed that this ismanufacturer could be “Adolf Scholze” from Grünwald. It is one of many manufacturers that were based in Gablonz, today’s Czechoslovakia. The production technology of this badge allow the decision, that the manufacturer can come from the Gablonz area and the probability is quite high, that actually Adolf Scholze from Grünwald is hiding behind this logo.

So far, three different embossing forms are known.
They are distinguished by the right upper oak leaves. This has in the first embossing mold 6 and in the second and third embossing mold 5 leaf veins. The same applies to the underlying oak leaves, this also knows 5 leaf veins in the first mold 6 and the second, and third embossing mold.


The third embossing mold has a feature which is very weak or absent in the first and second embossing dies. In addition to the legs at the level of the knee of the eagle, two distinct lines can be seen, derived from the plumage.


The back is known in two versions. The more common is the one with the slightly hollowed out rifle, the other is uniformly solid.


The company also used two different needle hooks, this comes in a round shape and a flat shape.


Likewise, the hinge was used in two different versions. It can be found as a round ball-head hinge and as a flattened ball-and-socket hinge.


It is also interesting that only the third embossing mold was used for bronze pieces. I have not found an explanation for it yet.