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In the meantime, I am no longer an active collector and have handed over my entire collection, but the Infantry Assault Badge has always been fascinating for me, because many are unaware that behind this piece of “tin” is the eventual loss of their own lives. It is not just an award for membership of a party, or for an outstanding, athletic achievement. It must be understood that on three separate days, with the weapon in hand, you had to invade enemy positions to get that badge. What is going on at such a time in a human being, we can not imagine in this day and age. The author Sascha Weber has already published an excellent reference work with his book about the infantry assault badge (ISBN: 978-3-00-0145704), which helped me a lot as a boy collector of the infantry assault badge and had given a very good insight into the matter. His book is indeed terrific, but unfortunately it contains only about 1/7 of all existing variants and many, since several issues existing errors. With my homepage, I try to close all gaps in the chapter “Infantry Assault Badges”, as the research and knowledge allow it at the moment. However, I can not guarantee completeness on information.


“Collectors are happy people” (Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

Bastian Dittmeyer