Arbeitsgemeinschaft Metall und Kunststoff



A special chapter in the field of infantry assault marks this forms Working Group. The design of all MK pieces is modeled after that of the manufacturer “Adolf Scholze, Grünwald”. So far, it is still completely unclear to what extent this is all related and whether it is the piece, which is marked only with “MK”, ​​is at all about the working community.

So far, there are suspicions that the following 8 manufacturers behind the pieces “M.K.” and “M.K.1-7” are:  

  • Rudolf Bergs  
  • Eduard Görlach & sons  
  • Rudolf A. Karneth u. sons  
  • Franz Klamt & Sons  
  • Rudolf Leukert  
  • Julius Pietsch  
  • Josef Rücker & son  
  • Adolf Scholze