Broken Stem

This badge bears the name “Broken Stem” because it has a “broken leaf vein” on the Oak Leaves between 8 o’clock and 9 o’clock. There are several needle system variants of this “type”. There are collectors who attribute this variant to the manufacturer “Alois Rettenmaier, Schwäbisch Gmünd”. This gives the following information:


In 2013 there was a “hoard find”, which was found near the Austrian border. The find complex contained a stock of medals, miniatures, ribbons, papers, catalogs, etc. It all belonged to an LDO store, which hid its contents in the attic of a private house after the war. In terms of bookkeeping order numbers, the LDO store was a relatively small store that had contracts with some larger companies and a few smaller ones to fill their windows. It was also clear that as a small LDO store, it was not possible to buy everything directly from the factory, but through a wholesaler delivering materials to various stores.   An order form from Alois Rettenmaier in Schwäbisch Gmünd shows that the LDO shop had placed an order on July 22, ’44 and among these orders were some Army Flak badges, naval awards and Wound Badges. The existing wounded badges were all stamped with the Presidential Chancellery number 16 and the other awards were all in the so-called “Flatback” variant (including a variant of the “Broken Stem” counts.).   This makes it possible to decide that this badge could actually be the manufacturer “Alois Rettenmaier from Schwäbisch / Gmünd”.