Karabinerfabrik Eduard Hahn, Oberstein an der Nahe – Variant 1.1


  • Height of the badge: 61,67 mm
  • Width of the badge: 46,70 mm
  • Weight of the badge: 27,5 gram

Minor tolerances are possible!


Material of the

  • Badge: Zinc
  • Hinge: non-ferrous metal
  • Needle: non-ferrous metal
  • Hook: non-ferrous metal


One speaks of the “S.H.u.Co. Design”, but this variant was very often found in the here also presented blue packaging bags of the company Eduard Hahn from Oberstein an der Nahe.Whether Sohni, Heubach and Co. made the badge for Eduard Hahn, or whether both companies had the same
engraver, is unfortunately not conclusively clarified.