Gebrüder Wegerhoff, Lüdenscheid

Wiesmannstrasse 5

  • LDO Number : –
  • Number of the Präsidialkanzlei : –
  • Number of the Reichszeugmeisterei for badges and insignia : M1/53
  • Number of the Reichszeugmeisterei for uniform effects : M5/65

Other proven, produced badges during the second world war :

  • Close Combat Clasp
  • Pilot Badge



Funcke and Brüninghaus was the only manufacturer who used the bayonet 98 in its embossing mold. All other manufacturers used the bayonet 98K. Thus, a quick, safe and easy assignment of unmarked pieces is possible.

It is also striking that the upper, left oak leaves once a “3 veins structure” and on other pieces of this manufacturer a “1 vein structure”. This suggests that the manufacturer used two different embossing dies.