Petz und Lorenz, Unterreichenbach – Variant 1.2 – L/18


  • Height of the badge: 62,00 mm
  • Width of the badge: 47,32 mm
  • Weight of the badge: 15,5 g

Minor tolerances are possible!


Material of the

  • Badge: Tombak
  • Hinge: non-ferrous metal
  • Needle: non-ferrous metal
  • Hook: non-ferrous metal


The piece was equipped with a L / 18 hallmarked needle. It is not yet known to what extent the manufacturer B.H. Mayer is involved in it. Both manufacturers have a similar but not identical design. The upper left leaf vein is obscured by the eagle wing in pieces by Petz and Lorenz, by pieces by B.H. Mayer not. In addition, the breakthrough between rifle butt and oak leaves is elongated in these pieces, rather round at Mayer / Schickle.