Richard Simm & Söhne

Schmuck- und Metallwarenfabrik
Bartelbergstrasse 3

  • LDO Number : –
  • Number of the Präsidialkanzlei : 93
  • Number of the Reichszeugmeisterei for Insignia and Badges : M1/137
  • Number of the Reichszeugmeisterei for “Tagungs- und Veranstaltungsabzeichen” : M9/221
  • Number of the Reichszeugmeisterei for NSDAP Dienstzeitmedaillen : M11/36


Other proven, produced badges during the second world war :

  • Flight Clasps of the Luftwaffe
  • Only known producer of Aluminium Belt buckles for the Kriegsmarine


The badges of the company “Josef Feix and sons” and “Richard Simm and sons” have the same design, which points to the same engraver.

Looking at the two designs, however, down to the smallest detail, so there are significant differences, resulting in the hollow, unmarked version unequivocal “R.S.S.” and not “J.F.S.”

Following three serious differences of both embossing forms – Left R.S.S. – Right J.F.S.