Unknown manufacturer, maybe Rudolf Karneth, Gablonz


There are suspicions that the manufacturer could be “Rudolf A. Karneth & Söhne, Gablonz” or “Robert H. Kreisel, Gablonz”, but so far there is no evidence for that.

However, according to the latest findings, it is most likely that “Rudolf A. Karneth & Söhne, Gablonz” is behind this badge. An infantry assault badge was found (Variant 1.2) in a hoard which has the identical wide iron needle system, such as the “General Assault Badge with Number 25”, “Ground Assault Badge” or the “Radio Gunner/Operator” by Rudolf Karneth. All other badges of the hoard (minesweeper, Panzer Assault Badge, General Assault Badge and also the variant of the infantry assault badge variant 1.1) come from “Rudolf Karneth from Gablonz”.   

So far the only known and probably a prototype …